ShopStatus was built to alert store owners or managers of outages and downtime that can lead to lost sales.

It monitors your Shop’s pages, domains, apps, and inventory, and alerts you if there is a concern.

We believe everyone making digital sales should use ShopStatus to minimize the losses caused by unplanned interruptions in their sales flows.

  • High volume merchants and wholesalers
  • Web developers and agencies who monitor Shopify stores for their clients
  • Anyone who regularly hires freelancers to modify their site(s) or install new code.
  • Dropshippers who need continual insight into inventory and store status
  • Merchants who frequently update their stores, or add apps, and need to ensure continuity
  • Anyone whose bottom line or reputation will be affected by undetected outages
  • Store owners running multiple shops and trying to keep track of issues and uptime across all of them

After installing the app and setting up an account (see the Docs), ShopStatus will monitor products, sales channels, and installed Apps and alert you when there are outages. ShopStatus will also monitor the health of the Shopify Platform itself and alert you to the occurrence and nature of outages.

You can customize the frequency of alerts and specific which channels to be monitored from your dashboard.

Yes! – ShopStatus has no access to any personal information attached to your Shopify account including your customers, payment information, email lists, etc.

We monitor the availability of pages, domain installation and availability, validity of email records, inventory levels, refunds, on site software, and more. We are always adding new features.

ShopStatus is available for the cost of a few cups of coffee - Check out our current pricing

ShopStatus was written for Shopify. You can install it here. We’re currently working to add other platforms. We’d love to know what support you are interested in. Message Us

ShopStatus monitors your site and alerts you when things look off. From there, you or your developer can patch things up.

ShopStatus was built by a team of developers who saw the need for a customizable dashboard to monitor and maintain several Shopify stores. We build custom Shopify themes, Shopify applications, and complex websites and apps everyday, and maintain hundreds of web properties. Our passion is developing great digital products. Please contact us with any feedback or feature requests.